Cleaning Services in Kansas City MO

Commercial Cleaning Services in Kansas City MO

Walker Towel & Uniform is a 141-year-old Kansas City company offering commercial laundry services to restaurants, industrial uniforms, and medical facilities. Their state-of-the-art facility uses smart washers that use minimal water to save energy and reduce wear and tear on laundry items. They have a staff of experts that can trouble-shoot and repair any laundry equipment issues that may arise. Jetz Service is a Missouri-based company that services laundry equipment in eastern Kansas and most of Missouri.

Industrial Laundry Services

The 141-year-old company, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, provides laundry services for restaurants, industrial uniforms and medical facilities. It also specializes in sanitizing and disinfecting linens. The company has purchased a new facility to expand its medical laundry operations.

The Kansas City branch office, established in 1976, services equipment in eastern Kansas and the majority of Missouri, including the metropolitan areas of Kansas City and St. Louis. The branch is the largest Jetz Service location and has a highly experienced team.

RJ Kool, the largest commercial laundry distributor in the Midwest, has acquired the BDS Laundry business. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.