Veterinarians in Gilbert AZ

Finding the right veterinarian for your pet can be a challenging task. Ideally, you want to have a vet within walking distance from your home. If you don’t have a vehicle, you want the vet to be easily accessible by metro or charter buses.

The best way to find the right vet is by exploring their websites and social media profiles. This will help you understand their care values, staff size, expertise, and field of specialization.

1. Arizona Animal Wellness Center

The Arizona Animal Wellness Center has a team of Veterinarians in Gilbert AZ with years of experience and advanced techniques. They provide a wide range of services that include preventative care, diagnostic testing, and surgery. They also offer pet pharmacy services so that you can have your pets’ medications delivered right to your door. The pharmacy is backed by manufacturer guarantees and offers discounts for autoshipping.

The team at the Arizona Animal Wellness Center is committed to providing superior service in a compassionate way. They believe in educating their clients, so they can make informed decisions regarding their pets’ health and wellbeing. They are a “no-kill” shelter, so they will not put down healthy or treatable animals, even when the shelter is full. This helps to improve the lives of companion animals, and it is an excellent example of compassion in action.

Dr. Brett Cordes grew up in Iowa, which is the heart of the animal health corridor and where many of the major advances in veterinary medicine have been made. He earned his veterinary degree from Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. He has since built a long career in veterinary medicine, working in everything from mixed animal practice and emergency medicine to pharmaceutical sales and management. He has worked with leaders throughout the industry to help pioneer better approaches to medicine and patient care.

He currently owns and operates a multi-animal hospital in the Phoenix area and is the CEO of a national veterinary pharmacy service company. He has a passion for all things related to pets, including their health and welfare. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and Phi Zeta National Veterinary Honor Society, and he stays current on new advancements in the field of veterinary medicine. In his free time, he enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, and traveling with his family and their dogs and cats.

The Arizona Animal Wellness Center is a full-service veterinary clinic that provides preventative care, diagnostic testing, and surgery for small animals. They also offer a complete range of equine services, including routine and specialty care, and have one of the most sophisticated equine diagnostic facilities in the country. They use a comprehensive approach to treatment and prevention, and work closely with clients to create tailored health plans for their pets. They accept pet insurance and offer convenient payment financing options.

2. Cross Winds Veterinary Clinic

The Cross Winds Veterinary Clinic has been in business since 1990 and offers outstanding client service with a family atmosphere. They offer a full range of services including digital x-ray, in house laboratory and wellness exams. They also provide comprehensive grooming and dental care. Their boarding facilities include 10’ x 12’ rubber matted stalls with bars between the stalls for maximum airflow.

Cross Winds is listed with the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) VetFinder. The AHVMA VetFinder is intended for demographic and professional information on veterinarians who use holistic modalities/treatments/services for your animal’s health care needs.

In addition to offering routine pet wellness services, Crosswinds Animal Clinic accepts pet insurance. This is important to help defray unexpected costs for your pet’s care. They also offer a range of payment options including Scratchpay and CareCredit.

3. Arizona Animal Welfare Center

The Arizona Animal Welfare Center provides quality care to homeless animals, services Pinal County residents, and teaches people to live humanely. They offer behavior training, medical care, adoption, and community outreach programs. Founded in 1971 by Amanda Blake, known for her role as Miss Kitty on the television show Gunsmoke, the organization began by rescuing animals scheduled to be euthanized by Pinal County and making them available for adoption to the public. Today, the organization is a leader in innovative behavior training, adoption, and veterinary care services. The 12,500 square foot Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center is state-of-the-art and climate controlled for the comfort of the animals housed in it. The Center also includes commercial cleaning equipment to ensure the highest level of sanitation for the animals and facility staff.

4. Mesa Animal Hospital

This hospital has been in business for over 30 years and is a full-service veterinary practice. It treats all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to birds and reptiles. They also provide euthanasia services and have an in-house lab. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They treat every pet as if it were their own.

The Mesa Animal Hospital is an AAHA-accredited practice. This designation means that they meet stringent quality standards in every aspect of their practice, from pain management to patient care. Only 12%-15% of all veterinarian practices are accredited by the AAHA.

Dr. Patt has always had a love for small and exotic pets and her home is filled with “little critters”. She is dedicated to providing healthy pet care information and helping owners understand their pets’ unique needs. She also writes many published articles on small and exotic pet health.